Seattle Hip Hop Duo Grieves & Budo Talk Together/Apart, Emo Rap, Warped Tour Life and More [Interviews]

Recently we got the chance to sit down with the up-and-coming Seattle hip-hop duo, Grieves and Budo. Having spent time this past summer on the Warped Tour, Grieves and Budo are currently touring in support of their new release, Together/Apart.

Grieves and Budo have ties to two of the biggest regions for underground hip-hop in the United States – Seattle and Minneapolis, and are signed to the sizzling Rhymesayers label, which includes artists like Atmosphere, P.O.S., MF DOOM and a whole host of others.

Scrappy: Tell us a little about your most recent album, Together/Apart. What are you hoping listeners will take away from their first listen? Should that takeaway change or adapt on the second or third listen?

Grieves: Music open for interpretation. That’s the Beauty of a record.. You can find something new in it every time you listen to it depending where you are in your life. As far as your first listen.. I hope it opens you up enough to get more from it the further you dig in.

strong>Scrappy: You have ties to two of my favorite regions in the country for underground / indie hip-hop – Minneapolis and Seattle. Can you provide any insight into why these communities are so good at turning out top notch artists?

Grieves: I don’t know.. I think there are talented people everywhere you go. But it seems there is a lack of organization in some scenes. Seattle I kind of new on the front for me. It took a while for people to come together and build as a community. But when they did… A lot of noise got made. I love that.

Scrappy: Listening to Together/Apart, I can’t help but instantly think about the work of Blue Scholars / Common Market – do you ever cross paths with Geologic or Sabzi in Seattle?

Grieves: Of course. Those are the homies! Shouts to both those handsome devils!

Scrappy: In other interviews, you’ve been sort of unfairly lumped into this category of “Emo Rap”, but frankly, I don’t see it. How do you feel about this category and do you think it’s an accurate description of your music?

Grieves: I think emo is a word used by people who are afraid of someone confronting subjects that make them uncomfortable. Would you call al Green emo? I bet you wouldn’t. But that dude pours his guts out on record! Don’t be scared.

Scrappy: What are some of your biggest influences and how have those evolved over time?

Grieves: I have always been moved by melody, rhythm and harmony. So.. The Motown era has always been my holy grail when it comes to motivation. The textures, the truth, the emotion… Nothing compares to it.

Scrappy: Your tour bus broke down and you’ve got an extra day to hang out in whatever city you’re in. What do you do?

Grieves: New Orleans!! And what happens between me and that city stays between me and that city!

Scrappy: How much time would you say it took you to sync up musically with Budo – or did you two sort of hit it off instantly?

Grieves: We hit it off pretty solid. But we never stop challenging/ pushin each other to open new doors. I think that’s what make us such a perfect duo. I live that dude.. And I trust his music.

Scrappy: You spent some time on this year’s Warped Tour. What was that experience like? Did the fans take to your music or was it a bit of a tougher sell?

Grieves: It was cool. At first.. It was a bit foreign to us.. But we caught on real fast! Turned out gettin a lot of new kids on board that would have never listened to us or hip hop if they didn’t stumble on us the warped tour. I’m super grateful or that experience. Huge shouts to Kevin for hookin it up!

Scrappy: What do you do when you’re not making music or touring?

Grieves: Cook, make out with my girlfriend, watch movies, I’m starting boxing… I don’t know. Anything!

Scrappy: I’ve heard you’re a bit of a foodie – which cities are your favorite for grabbing a bite to eat on the road? Any regional foods that you find yourself craving?

Grieves: New Orleans is my jump off. But cities like San Fran, chicago, and new York are always a great place to get an amazing/ original meal.

Scrappy: Any parting words?

Grieves: Rhymesayers!!!!!!

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